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The Best Tips about Preventing Your Hair Fall

The bathroom, filled with loose lines or ponytails, which is never out of date, may surprise, but it does not necessarily mean that something is wrong. At the age of 50, half of the women complain of hair loss. “With age, changes in the overall density of hair and individual threads become smaller,” said dermatologist Doris J. Day. But only because the rarity is natural, it does not mean that you have to accept it. Here are 12 solutions that will help you remove hair from your hair.


Now it’s easy! Hair grows on protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Get them from lean meats, green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans and fish. (Seven quick dinners will go to the right way).


Whenever you wash your hair, you are in the middle: a head massage in the shower improves the flow of blood to the scalp. This means a better environment for hair growth, but also helps you use penetrating hair shampoos.


This is the simplest solution that you have never considered. Hair dryers and irons, especially if you are already painted, can cause breakage and thinning, so minimize your use.


As the only approved ingredient approved by the FDA, the drug was supported by years of research support – about 50% of women use the drug to improve. “Minoxidil can increase the size of the hair follicles and produce more hair,” said the dermatologist of the Cleveland Clinic Wilma Bergfeld. Try Rogaine women’s hair loss treatment and diluted hair once a day with a minoxidil foam (4 months supply – $ 36,


Sometimes additives are what you need. Dermatologist from New York Joshua Zeichner said: “The combination of fish protein, vitamin C, zinc, biotin and nicotinic acid in Viviscal supplements leads to a healthier, more dense itch (Figure 50,

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Pot of work

Regular blood work can check your ferritin (iron stored in the blood) and vitamin D. Low levels can cause hair loss, and repairs can be as simple as adding iron or vitamin supplements. Hey, you might have been checked anyway! (Use these 8 tips for insiders to reduce the preliminary jitter by making any exam easier and more accurate.)


Laser treatment reduces inflammation in the follicles and prevents their regeneration. In a recent study, the researchers found that after using a home device with a medical grade laser twice a week for 26 weeks, the density increased significantly: HairMax LaserBand ($ 795,

Relieve stress

Just breathe, seriously, this can help! Both sudden and chronic stress can stop hair growth. If you have experienced a complex experience (divorce, change of job), the hair should grow. If you are under constant pressure, then the masters meditate – it’s easier said than done, but your hair will be grateful to you. (Find the style of meditation that fits your personality here.)

Hormonal help

If the situation is serious, consider using Rx. Some women are genetically predisposed to hair loss in women, and contraceptives can suppress excessive production of androgens. During menopause, thinning increases, if you are treated with hormones, hair loss can be reduced.

Cortisone shooting

They are injured, but they are working. Direct injection of cortisone directly into the scalp can prevent hormonal activity, which causes thinning of the hair. Bergfeld said that this is especially effective in patients with inflammatory head disease.

Bad blood?

According to practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, there are two aspects of hair health: the energy of the kidneys and the blood that nourishes the hair. Solution: acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Despite some scientific support, Maureen Conant, a TCM doctor in Full Bloom obstetrics in Seattle, said she saw that female hair no longer falls and is gradually recovering after several months of treatment. (There are 6 more reasons to try acupuncture here.)

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